Common Energy Saving Strategies That Just Don’t Do Much:

8 Energy Saving Myths
1) Basement Duct Sealing: Basements are actually inside the home’s conditioned living space. Sealing ducts in a conditioned space only leads to 0-3% savings. On the other hand, sealing duct work in an unconditioned crawl space or attic can lead to savings between 8-15%.

2) Window Replacement: typically replacing windows can save up to 2-3 therms/year per window. This results in a savings of $2-$3 per year per window. Certainly replacing very old windows with storm windows can save more- but generally windows that are the most efficient are also the most costly. Saving big money by replacing windows is probably the biggest energy savings misconception period.

3) Furnace Tune- Ups: Annual safety check-ups are important, but typically tune-ups are only needed every 4-5 years.

4) Caulking and Weather-stripping: Mr.Blasnik cited a Canadian Study that concluded that caulking around leaky windows can typically save about .5 therms/year- the equivalent of 50 cents.

5) Changing Furnace Filters: According to Mr. Blasnik, once every season is enough-changing those monthly doesn’t save anything.

6) Cooling your attic- You won’t save much by insulating from the rafters- unless you have AC duct work in the attic. If that is the case- you can save up to 15% by insulating from the rafters.

7) Using Drapes to insulate windows- doesn’t work and can actually create convective loops in the space between the windows and drapes.

8) Energy Saving Kits- 2 CFL’s are not going to make your bills lower.

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