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What Our Customers are Saying

Thank you for such a wonderful experience! Your team was incredible and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. They went above and beyond with the quality of the work, attention to detail and cleanup efforts…”

- Ben H. from Richmond, VA

"If I had to report you to the BBB I would give you 10 stars, everything was wonderful!"

- P. Martin from Newport News, VA

“Outstanding service!”

- Dave M. from Seaford, VA

"Tony was super professional, and advised me every step of the way,… Very Awesome!

- David W. from Chesterfield

Crawl Space Repair

Nasty Crawl Space?

Dirt Crawl Space?
Standing Water?
Crawl Space Repair
Bad Floor Joists?
Damaged Vapor Barrier?

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Why Should I Have my Crawl Space Checked?

Vented Dirt Crawl Spaces are hostile environments that waste energy and promote mold and wood rot.

What really happens in Southeastern Virginia is a phenomenon known as “The Stack Effect”. Warm air naturally rises and along with your HVAC system, pressurizes your home. This continuous movement of air feeds on itself— as air escapes through vents in the attic, new air is drawn in through the crawlspace vents.

In the winter, cold air is drawn in cooling your ducts and your plumbing. This results in higher energy costs and the risk of freezing pipes.

In the summer, warm humid air is drawn through the open vents into a cooler crawl space. This causes the relative humidity to sky rocket and condensation forms on everything—this is the problem. Condensation promotes mold, mildew, and wood rot in the crawl space and attracts pests such as termites and rodents, and often saturates the existing insulation causing it to sag and drop to the floor.

The upward movement of air caused by “The Stack Effect” draws this moisture, mildew, and mold into your home and into the air you breathe. Studies have shown that up to 50% of the air you breathe in your house comes from your crawl space.

The Stack Effect

Our Solution:

First: If necessary, we address any ground water, seepage and drainage issues with our Smart Sump Pump System, Drainage Piping, and Drainage Matting.

Smart Sump Pump

Drainage Piping

Drainage Matting

Second: We install a moisture vapor barrier to seal off the earth from your home, using the best product on the market, CleanSpace Vapor Barrier™.

CleanSpace is a 7-layer 20 mil Thick polyethylene liner with polyester cord reinforcement. An anti- microbial agent is blended into the fiber to help kill mold and bacteria.

Third: We seal vents and any other gaps that could create air leaks: Including the rim & band, plus any electrical, cable, and plumbing penetrations with; spray foam, caulk, and rigid insulation boards.

Vapor Barrier in Crawl Space
Spray foam Insulation on Crawl Space walls and rim joists

Lastly: We dehumidify the crawl space air to control relative humidity. This helps keep condensation from accumulating and resulting in mold and mildew.

Crawl Space Dehumidifier
Encapsulated Crawl Space
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